What can we do?

Worried about plastics?  Here are some ideas to help you make a difference:- 

  1. Sign the Greenpeace petition calling on Supermarkets to stop using throw-away
    plastics at >> https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/plastic-free-supermarket-ef
  2. Watch and share our Oceans of the Future video at https://act.gp/2HguJ9T
  3. Don’t buy bottled water. Our tap water is of the highest quality. Use a reusable bottle and refill. Go to refill.org.uk to download your free app. There 16 refill points around Bishop’s Castle
  4. Say no to plastic straws. Use paper ones if you really need one
  5. Want a take-away coffee? Use a reusable cup or mug. Many fast food outlets will give you a discount if you offer your own mug to refill
  6. Take your own container for butcher’s meat or take-away food.
  7. Use towelling nappies rather than disposable onesAvoid excessive packaging. Try and buy loose vegetables. A lot of food wrap is NOT recyclable
  8. Use a refill station for liquid detergents and washing up liquid. Go to https://zerowastehome.com
  9. Say NO to plastic cutlery.
  10. Delivered milk may come in glass bottles
  11. Avoid products containing microbeads
  12. Always carry a shopping bag and refuse a single-use plastic bag if offered
  13. Use loose tea and coffee
  14. Use a razor with replaceable blades instead of a disposable razor
  15. Buy bars of soap instead of soap in a plastic bottle
  16. For general re-cycling use https://www.ilovefreegle.org/explore/Bishops-Castle-Freegle

    Finally: If it’s plastic, think twice!

(Thanks to Stretton Climate Care)
If you would like a copy of the leaflet, download here Final_fact_sheet_to_support_action_daysPlastic Facts – A5 double sided