Plastic-Free BC

‘PLASTIC FREE COMMUNITY’ status by Spring 2019, for Bishop’s Castle

The role for Bishop’s Castle Town Council is one of the 5 criteria we have to meet, under the SAS scheme:-

  1. LOCAL GOVERNANCE –  Bishop’s Castle Town Council to pass a resolution supporting the journey to Plastic-Free Community status, committing to plastic-free alternatives and plastic-free initiatives within the constituency
  • Town Council to lead by example to remove single-use plastic items from their premises
  • Town Council to encourage plastic-free initiatives, promoting the campaign and supporting events
  • A representative of the Council must be named on the Plastic-Free Community Steering Group
  • Councillor Stephen Whittingham (‘Whitty’ to all the locals), who runs the Happy Bap cafe, will be putting forward a motion on the above at the Town Council meeting on 15th January for the TC to pass a resolution
  • Once passed, this will complete this Objective on all the above points
  • At least three single-use plastic items removed from local businesses and retailers or replaced with       sustainable alternatives.
  • Why? Removing the option to purchase and/or use single-use plastics is the easiest way to avoid    Making suitable, sustainable alternatives readily available to customers will bring about a        change in behaviour and reduce the amount of throwaway plastic in our society.
  • Target number of businesses determined by population size
  • Bishop’s /castle falls into the smallest population category (0 – 2,500), so requires 2 businesses to be involved and to change
  • We have already achieved this target, with the Happy Bap, the Chai Shop and the New Deli all having gone plastic free
  • They all use compostable containers for any take-away food
  • Fight The Plastic is working with several other traders to raise this number
  1. PLASTIC-FREE ALLIES (other organisations, working together with us)
  • We’re working on this one
  1. PLASTIC-FREE RALLIES (2 or more Community events). ACHIEVED
  • Beach Clean; Mass Litter Pick (16 volunteer); regular Monthly Litter Sweeps in and around Bishop’s Castle
  • A Shopper’s Survey, gaining 143 responses from the public. Overwhelming support for the campaign
  • A visit to Veolia’s 2 main sites: Recycling Facility at Four Ashes and Energy Recovery at Battlefield
  • Two, Days of Action in the town (with gazebo/displays, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, a Mini- Beach    to clean, college students involved, etc
  • Formed in April
  • Involves 16, active members
  • Regular meetings (6 formal so far, with many other informal)Once we have completed our 5 Objectives and been verified by SAS, we can display our town’s logo locally
  • Bishops Castle- PF Community logo